It was my baby sister Ruth who gave me a good kick up my big fat lard arse. She came back from New York, took one look at me and said "we need to get you running'.

You need to believe me when I say this ... I had NEVER run. EVER. I was the girl who was always sick on PE days or swimming sports.

But... I was also the woman who hated how fat I had got and hated that I was still wearing maternity jeans and actually, I was the woman who hated myself.

So... I ran. Ruth took me for my first run in February 2008. Me and my fat arse. She had one rule. DON'T STOP.  "Walking is for fatties" she said with a wicked smile. I don't know why ... but that stuck.

We ran for 11 minutes that day.

The next day we ran for 13 minutes.

In March 2008 ... I ran my first 5 km run.

8 kilos lighter. That fat arse was not so fat anymore.

Just run.

Yes it sucks. Yes it's AWFUL. Yes your lungs will scream. Yes your face will burn. But I promise you ... if you can JUST get past 10 minutes of not stopping ... you will be okay. Your body will relax and you'll be able to run one more minute every day.

You can run. I promise. 

Go. Run. Get your life back. Run. Claim your space.

Run. Run. Run.