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Can I get an amen sister?!!

Nicky and I had an epic run today. 
An EPIC run. 
Everything felt good and easy (ish). 
We ran further and for longer than what we set out to do. 
We were awesome. 
I feel like I wanna high five and fist pump every single person that walks past my house. 
Honestly. There should be a movie made out of that run it was so blimmin epic. 
And there should be a movie made out of the food I enhaled after. 
Amen sister. Amen. 
My husband has started running again! 
So he'll get the same questions I get right? 
Like... Are the long runs a pressure on your wife and kids? Do the kids miss you when you're out on the long runs? When do you find the time? How do fit it all in? How do you juggle everything?
He'll get those questions right?


You must, MUST try it. Straight after a long hard run.  Cold beer.  In your face Powerade and Chocolate Milk.  Nutrients, aaaaaand a buzz. 
Run. Sweat. Beer. 
There's a t-shirt in that.

We're Not Stopping

That's what Nicky said. 
At the bottom of the hill... She said...
"We're not stopping". 
So we didn't. 
We ran to the top of BOTH hills tonight. 
Like the old days. 
In the old days, once we'd conquered something, we never went back. 
Nowadays, we've been gentle on ourselves. And that's had its place. Giving ourselves a break had kept us running. 
But sometimes you just have to ... Not stop. 
Keep going until you get to the top so you know you can. 
And that feeling sticks. And then pours out on to the rest of your life. 
So. Today... You are not stopping. 

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Get The Goodness HERE

You're only ever as good as your last job. 
That's true. 
You're only ever as good as your last gig, your last game, your last project. 
But. Not your last run. 
Bad runs happen. To the best of them. 
And the best of them will tell you this. Get the bad run done, cos the next run will be the run of your life. 
Lace up. Hair up. Run. Again. 

For YOU. Who wants to start.

Just so you know ... it never get's easier.  
Because ... running is hard.  If running was easy, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be skinny and everyone would be wearing their favourite jeans. 
But.  It's hard.  So not everyone is doing it. 
I'm talking about getting the motivation and will to put your shoes on and run.  It doesn't matter how fit you get or how strong you get or how slim you get ... putting your shoes on never get's easier. 
We're human.  We give up.  How many diets have you tried? How many Mondays have you started?  How many gym memberships have you wasted?  We give up.  Because it never gets easier.  I want you to know that and understand that.  The "it" that I'm talking about is the act of putting on your shoes and going. 
Once you are out there ... that's a different story all together.  Man that gets SO much easier.  It even gets fun.  I can't wait for you to have a blast on the road.  It really is truly joyfu…

Sweaty Betty

Yus!We're a couple of Sweaty Betty's her and me.  Always two choices.  Run. Or don't.  End of.