Monday, 17 November 2014

When you've got a running friend you gotta put up with the tough times. You gotta turn up. You gotta support. 

Couple of years back Nicky broke her ankle. She couldn't run for 6 months. So we went swimming instead. 

Recently, outta the blue I developed epilepsy. So I can't drive for 10 more months. So Nicky has to work around that and move stuff around so that we can find a way of getting that weekday hill run in and the long runs on the weekend. 

So you take the bad. 

AND you take the good. 

Just spent the weekend at a retreat celebrating my 40th!!

With...of course... Nicky. 
And the girl that started it all... My sister Ruth. Giving me a pair of her running pants and dragging me out the door 7 years ago. 

Yes there's plenty of bad. But there's way more good. 

Me. Nicky. 

Me. Eating. 

Me. Mum. Ruthie.