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So I say..."I really think that was a defining moment for my running..."
And she says... "Oooo river stones. I wonder how much they are a bag."
This is what happens when we run. Nicky and me. (I know. Nicky and I). We talk. Non. Stop. However. I don't think in the three years we've been running together we've ever actually finished a story. 
The running. The talking. It's healthy. It's cathartic. 
I'm a better woman because of it. 
The river stones were 19.95 a bag by the way.  And it was on a downhill sprint that I discovered...  Well... That's for another run. 

My Mills and Boon

You fantasize about it. 
And the vision of it's deliciousness drags you home. 
This morning ... This was my Mills and Boon. 

Devoured with so much want, it is actually macabre. 

Rate Myself Much?

That I put my shoes on yesterday was something. 
That I got myself to Nicky's was heroic. 
That I ran the hills... Well that makes me Wonder Woman. 
Rate myself much?
Your turn. 
Rate yourself. 

When you've got a running friend you gotta put up with the tough times. You gotta turn up. You gotta support. 
Couple of years back Nicky broke her ankle. She couldn't run for 6 months. So we went swimming instead. 
Recently, outta the blue I developed epilepsy. So I can't drive for 10 more months. So Nicky has to work around that and move stuff around so that we can find a way of getting that weekday hill run in and the long runs on the weekend. 
So you take the bad. 
AND you take the good. 
Just spent the weekend at a retreat celebrating my 40th!!
With...of course... Nicky.  And the girl that started it all... My sister Ruth. Giving me a pair of her running pants and dragging me out the door 7 years ago. 
Yes there's plenty of bad. But there's way more good. 

Me. Nicky. 

Me. Eating. 

Me. Mum. Ruthie. 

Birds Are Racing!!!
A virtual run every month.  Run wherever you are.  But know that you'll be running with RunningBirds all over the world.  At the same time!!!
Registrations are open now for the #DecemberFly
Let's do this!!! Let's all run together!!!

It sucks having a running friend. 
Because you have to run when you don't want to. 
I didn't want to run. 
She didn't want to run. 
But we're both to proud to bail. 
There were no "I'm really sorry I just can't make it this morning" texts. 
So we ran. Her with a dodgy tummy from Chinese takeaway for tea. Me with a pounding headache from a late night. 
It sucks having a running friend. 
But it is also... Wonderful. Empowering. A gift. Incredible. 
Find her. Now.