Sunday, 7 September 2014

There we were. Outside the gate. Mucking around. Adjusting our caps, tightening our laces, deciding whether or not to add another layer, setting our watches... Mucking around. Doing everything we could to put off the run. 
Then Nicky's husband came at us with a hose!!! 
An actual hose!
Spraying water at us!

There's a little bit of hope in the mucking around. Hope that something might just happen ... so that we can say "We can't run now!"  I always secretly pray for a civil emergency. 

It's always tough. It's always hard. Even just getting your gear on can be soul destroying. But you know right? Deep down inside... You know ... You have to run.

So stop mucking around... If I could squirt a hose of icy cold water at you I would.