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She's the bossy one.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
A woman at the 10k today told us that she was using us to get her to the finish line.  She said if she could just keep up with us she knew she could get in done under an hour.  She said she could hear us talking and told us that it was easy to see who the bossy one was. 
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Bossy? Nah. Nicky just has this unfailing faith in my ability to cross the finish line in a good time. 
So when I start to struggle and slow... She's there pushing me along. 
"She's the bossy one" ... Gonna laugh about that for a while!!!

Run Rhino Run

My friend made a joke about me running the other day. 

Thundering along like a rhino. 
It's funny cos it's true. 
I'm not a lithe and light and toned and taught runner. 
I'm a rhino. 
So. If your excuse is that you're a rhino... Well that just isn't fair. 
The rest of us rhinos are running. 
So run rhino run.

I'm average.

Why do I run?

Because most of life I've felt average, and that's because I was average.
Actually, I am average.

Not the worst.
Not the best.

But always, in my averageness, I've dreamed big dreams and I've wished for marvellous things.

When I cross the finish line, I'm not average.  I'm soaring above averageness.

So I run to ditch the heavy weight of average.  The weight that I drag around with me every day.

Because average people don't train and run half marathons.

And I've done 6 of them.