Thursday, 3 July 2014

Things that sound amazeballs but actually are not ...

1) Breakfast in bed. 
Sounds dreamy but crumbs in the bed and a fried egg sliding off on to your pillow is not. 

2) lunch out with the family. 
Sounds idyllic but kids refusing to SIT DOWN and refusing to eat anything off the menu is not. 

3) a long soak in the bath
Sounds heavenly but soaking in your own dead skin cells and looking up at the ceiling mould  that you have to clean is not. 

Things that sound simply awful but are not ...

1) alarm going off at 6am on Sunday morning for the long run. 
Sounds horrific but the bowl of porridge and the hot shower after ... Well... Nothing can compare. 

2) meeting at the bottom of a hill for hill run Thursday. 
Sounds terrible but the steak and Pinot and the hot shower after... Well... Nothing can compare. 

3) standing at the start line of a half marathon sounds soul destroying. But the hot chips and pint of lager and the hot shower after ... Well... Nothing can compare. 

Running sounds like the worst thing in the world to do. 

But running ... is amazeballs.