Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'll tell you something for nothing. 

Got home from an icy cold hill run. Man it was cold. Most people chose not to run tonight. And fair enough. But. Not us. We ran. And added on an extra loop. It was bitterly cold. 


Got home. Devoured dinner then sunk into a steaming hot bath. 

It's not even 7 o'clock and I'm in my pjs about to make a cup of tea and read my book. 

It's hard to beat this feeling. 

Yes ... I know. You don't have to run to enjoy all that. 

Well... This is what I'm going to tell you for nothing. 

Because we ran ... All that, the dinner and the bath, and the pjs and the book, isn't just enjoyable.  It is through the roof, off the charts, out of this world, utterly and completely sublime. 

Life should feel sublime. Not just mildly enjoyable. 

Run. Eat. Bathe.