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You gotta sweat everyday. 
That's what my niece Zoe said to me once. 
She's like her Aunty. She loooooves her food. But unlike her Aunty she's as slim as a pin. 
When she was scoffing down a Hershey's Chocolate Pie one day ... I marvelled in the sight and said... How do you do it???
"You gotta sweat every day Aunty" she said. 
So on the days you're  not running, find a way to sweat. Don't just take the stairs.... Run up them. Twice. Don't just bike next to the kids... Race them. Don't just shuffle around doing the housework... Blitz it. 
Sweat everyday. 
Are you still running?How's your running going?
I get that a bit. 
Maybe I'm imagining it... But I'm pretty sure there are some who pegged me for a quitter. Or a band-wagon kinda gal. 
So when they ask... "Are you still running?" I hear ... "Bet you're not running anymore!!!" Or "that little fad didn't last long". 
When I tell them it's going great... Five half marathons behind me and two more coming up this year... I'm sure I see a flinch of surprise. I definitely see a flinch of regret. Regret that they didn't stick to what ever they started. Regret that they fell of the band-wagon. 
When those people ask me "how's your running going" ... It's with hope.  Not hope for me... But hope for them. Hoping I'll say I gave up... Making them feel a whole lot better. 
And they will feel better. For a bit. 
Tell you what feels waaaay better than celebrating someone's failures... Celebrating their successes. 
Feels wa…
What is wrong with me??!!!I can do 10ks!!!
As my friend Nicky says... 
"We can pull a 10k out of our arse when ever we want." (She's gonna hate that I wrote that!! But it's true!!)
It's so true. 
So how come I practically crawled through that 10k today?? (Wellington Marathon 10k). 
I'll tell you why. 
Because I HATE THAT RUN. I was nervous and in knots. My insides were clenched so tight that every thing hurt. My face, usually set to "happy disposition", was set in a dark grimace.  I hate that run.  Because once it made me feel like I don't belong out there.  So now I'm scared of it.  And the more scared and the more nervous I got, the more wound up I got. So wound up that my legs turned to concrete and my lungs shrivelled up. 
Nicky's so good. Keep going she said. Relax she said. It's just a Sunday morning run she said. Then she said... Don't let this run beat you. You beat this run. She said that with 400 meters to go. The finish line was J…

To run or not to run.

Know this feeling?
I should run.  But I really don't want to.  But I should.  I'm not going too.  But I'll regret it if I don't.  But who says I have to run? I'm not going to run.  RUUUUUUN.  Nope.  Bloody hell it's only 30 minutes. Just run.  BUT I DON'T WANT TO. 
You know me... I'm all about choosing the run. Because you'll never regret running. But you WILL regret NOT running.
But sometimes it's just too hard. The fight to run or not becomes bigger than what it really should be. The fight gets out of control and out of perspective.  When this happens ... I bet you anything that something else big is going on in your life. Something traumatic, stressful, heartbreaking. Something's going on. 
Your run is just a run. It's not against you or it's not the cause of your hurt or anger or stress. It's just a run. 
Don't fight over just a run. 
Save your energy for the fights that matter. 
Just run. 
Because ... it's just a run.
Three things to make you go faster. 
Lean forward. Just a bit. You'll go faster. 
Drop your arms down. Relax your shoulders.  You'll go faster. 
Stop your swede from tilting back. You'll go faster. 
You really will. Every run I work on those three things. 
There are actually FOUR things to do, to make you go faster. The fourth is this.  No talking.  I ignore that one.  And anyway... I'm too busy talking to worry about going faster. 

While everyone else is sleeping. And you're running. The world is yours.  All yours.  For just a tiny pocket in time...  It's just you.  And for me God.  Not a pious king on a throne dishing out punishment. But the breath of life and love.