Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's not an option. Not running... Is not an option. 

My son is a nut allergy kid. Oh we were GUTTED about this. We used to laugh and take the piss out of nut allergy kids. We rolled our eyes and pffft when someone would tell us off their child's nut allergy. Oh come on!!! Another nut kid??? Just seemed like the trendy thing to have. 

Then one day, my boy ate a chocolate covered hazelnut. And we almost lost him. 

I'll never forget the doctor at the hospital getting out his biro and drawing around a tiny patch of skin that wasn't inflamed and swollen. That patch of white soft skin was the size of a 50 cent piece. On his ankle. It was the ONLY part of him not on fire. 

So... At the age of 3 and having been breast fed way past the appropriate age... We got a nut kid. And an egg kid. 

So nuts and eggs are not an option for him. We don't tell people he's an allergy  kid. He manages it himself. Nuts and eggs are just not an option. 

It dawned on me tonight ... All we have to do is make something... Not an option. 

It's as simple as that. My little boy can negotiate his way through the plethora of peanut butter sammies and scrambled eggs and cashew chews and scorched almonds and Nutella and pikelets and goey praline goodness... Because it simply isn't an option. 

Not running... Is not an option. 

Now... Put your stinkin' shoes on and run that stinkin' run.