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One word that we are so desperate to hear. 
In context... 
"This weather is horrific. It would be foolhardy to run in this". 

Peter, Nicky's husband once said that to us. During the storm of 2012 when roofs were ripped off and coastlines eradicated and houses on hills were pulled from their foundation and dragged to the road below ... That's what Peter said to us. "Foolhardy". 

So that night... We didn't run. 

And now EVERYTIME there is a spot of rain or a slight breeze... Nicky and I silently beg Peter to say those two words to us. Because if Peter says we shouldn't go... Then we shouldn't go!!

And the truth is... I mostly don't want to go. Actually, I never want to go. 

So when the house shuddered in the brutal northerly this morning and streets were flooding and the man on the radio said "stay indoors"... We both desperately waited for that magical word to be uttered. Foolhardy. Say it. Say it. SAY IT!!! He didn't say it. 

So we ran. 17ks. 

And now I feel like screaming to the world how amazing I feel. 

Maybe we only get one "foolhardy" run. 

I'll never stop willing him to say it though. 

If it's raining, if it's cold, if it's blowing a gale... Run. 

It would be foolhardy not too. 

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