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One word that we are so desperate to hear. In context...  "This weather is horrific. It would be foolhardy to run in this". 
Peter, Nicky's husband once said that to us. During the storm of 2012 when roofs were ripped off and coastlines eradicated and houses on hills were pulled from their foundation and dragged to the road below ... That's what Peter said to us. "Foolhardy". 
So that night... We didn't run. 
And now EVERYTIME there is a spot of rain or a slight breeze... Nicky and I silently beg Peter to say those two words to us. Because if Peter says we shouldn't go... Then we shouldn't go!!
And the truth is... I mostly don't want to go. Actually, I never want to go. 
So when the house shuddered in the brutal northerly this morning and streets were flooding and the man on the radio said "stay indoors"... We both desperately waited for that magical word to be uttered. Foolhardy. Say it. Say it. SAY IT!!! He didn't say it. 
So we ran…
It's not an option. Not running... Is not an option. 
My son is a nut allergy kid. Oh we were GUTTED about this. We used to laugh and take the piss out of nut allergy kids. We rolled our eyes and pffft when someone would tell us off their child's nut allergy. Oh come on!!! Another nut kid??? Just seemed like the trendy thing to have. 
Then one day, my boy ate a chocolate covered hazelnut. And we almost lost him. 
I'll never forget the doctor at the hospital getting out his biro and drawing around a tiny patch of skin that wasn't inflamed and swollen. That patch of white soft skin was the size of a 50 cent piece. On his ankle. It was the ONLY part of him not on fire. 
So... At the age of 3 and having been breast fed way past the appropriate age... We got a nut kid. And an egg kid. 
So nuts and eggs are not an option for him. We don't tell people he's an allergy  kid. He manages it himself. Nuts and eggs are just not an option. 
It dawned on me tonight ... All we have …
Tell me... 
Your story. 

I need your help for a very exciting project I'm working on. For us. 
I need to know your story. When did you start running? Why did you start running? Why did you stop? Why did you start again? What have you achieved? Who do you run with? What helps you? What hurts you? I want it all!!! And photos too please!!!
You are going to LOVE what I've got brewing for us!!! 
So email me now. Don't think about it. Just write. I never think before I write and you are okay with that right? 
I can't thank you enough. 
Can't wait to hit the start button of this thing... You. Are. Gonna. Love. It. 
I TOLD YOU SO - I'm useless.

I never let myself think that I'm fit enough, good enough, clever enough, funny enough ... too be successful.

I call it "Managing Expectations."

I met a therapist a few years ago who laughed and said ...

"Nope.  You're not managing expectations.  You're taking out an insurance policy.  So that you can say to yourself ... I TOLD YOU SO.  So that when something doesn't work out, at least you can say I TOLD YOU SO ... I'm useless."

I'm terrified of living life without my insurance policies.

But last Friday night ... the night before the Rotorua Half Marathon .... I didn't sign the insurance policy.  So, without it, I had to allow myself thoughts of hopefulness and excitement and positivity.
It was hard.  It was tough to do.

But I did it.

And I had the run of my life.  Bestest.  Fastest.  Happiest.

I TOLD YOU SO - I can run a half marathon.
We made a deal. 

Yesterday was the Rotorua Half. 
I promised not to shut down at the start and Nicky promised not to panic sprint.  We promised each other that we would natter and chat as if it was just a normal long run. 
We made a deal and we stuck to it. 
And so ... we ran happy. 
The best, the most fun, the fastest, the EASIEST half marathon I've ever done. 
Make a deal. Run happy. That's what it's all about. Oh ... And of course it's about this to...