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When it's all falling apart around you, or the stress of life is overwhelming, or there are too many decisions to make, or too many people to keep happy... What ever you do... DON'T STOP RUNNING. 
Run through it all. 
They might not be your best runs. They might be slow or the distance short. But when everything else is spinning out of control ... You won't be. 
With your feet firmly on the road, your running rhythm moving you forward, you won't spin out of control. 

Is this runners high??

3k in to my run today. 
Heart breaking and bursting.  Something's swelling and I can't contain it or put a lid on it.  So the tears burst out.  Skin crawling with goosebumps.  And I'm smiling. Madly.  And I feel like I'm flying. 
Is that "runners high"?  Or have I lost it. 

It's hard to beat the person who never gives up. 
Speed work run today. Run at pace for 5 minutes. Then as fast as we can go for 30 seconds. Repeat. Till we die. 
Between gasps Nicky broke in to a massive smile and said... "This is how people get fast! They just keep doing a little more each time."
Yes. And they never give up. 
The half marathon a few weeks back was not so good for Nicky. She blitzed her time but really hated the run. So much so she said these words... "I'm not going to run anymore". 
She said those words on a Tuesday. And by the following Thursday she was running. 
Never give up. 
Find someone who won't let you give up.  And don't let them give up. 
Never give up this gift. The gift that is running.  

I feel like a real runner today. Like a real runner.  10k Hutt News Fun Run done... In 57.15.  And every step I was in control.  I calmed the panic at the beginning.  I kept myself honest with my pace and I didn't slow down.  I flew down hills and charged up them.  I conserved energy and planned the sprint.  And then I smoked my boss at the end.  And he's a real runner.  So... Yep. Today I feel like a real runner. 

I wish I could explain "The Tiredness". My alarm goes off at 3.30am.  So I'm tired.  A lot.  But some days "The Tiredness" creeps over my body like a heavy, wet, second hand, old mans coat.  "The Tiredness" almost became unbearable tonight ... And I almost didn't run.  Almost.  I ran. An hour of hills. With my friend Nicky.  The coat was weighing me down. It was so heavy I almost walked.  Almost.  I ran. The whole run. Heavy, stinky, unbearable  coat and all.  And now I'll sleep. After I've packed the school bags and put the washing away and washed the floor.  I'll sleep.
Here's the thing. No one is making you do this.  You're all grown up now.  It's not like the cross country at school, where the PE teacher is making you run and making you feel awful.  It's all you now.  You're all grown up.  And no one is making you do it.  So. Run because you want to.   Run because you can.  Run because you want to and because you can.  End of story.  Now get your shoes on and run.  Run, friend. Run.  Now there is someone making you run! ;)
Have you entered the Hutt News Fun Run yet??

Throw the watch away today. Just put your shoes on and run.  Run through the streets in your neighborhood.  Run along your beach. Your river. Your town.  Just run today.  Forget the time and distance.  Just run.