Friday, 24 January 2014

Me... 10 years ago. 
I am pretty lazy. My favourite thing? Doing nothing. Eating while doing nothing actually. I start a few things like diets or the gym. But they never last more than 6 days. No stickability. Happy to give up. Know my place in this world... A bit of clown and always last. 

Last night a friend said to me.. "We have different personalities. You're so determined and push yourself to better your self and I'm happy not to achieve and give up."

Yes. That's me. Right now that's me. I'm hungry for success at work. I'm dogged determined to be a faster runner. And I have real tenacity. I simply won't give up. 

But I wasn't always like this. I was lazy. I was fat. And I was happy to laugh that off. 

I just had no idea how capable I was. No idea. I had accepted that "determination", "strength","will", "success" were for those other people. The ones I envied. 

I just had no idea. Until I ran. 

On that first run I got it all. All of those attributes of one of those people. 

And you know what?  I have JUST realised now, I had them all along. 

What a waste. 

You have them too. You've had them all along. 

Don't settle. Don't accept that lazy is who you are. 

You're one of us. You have been all along. 

Now... Run.