Saturday, 25 January 2014

It's time. 
To run our own race. 
Nicky is stronger and fitter and faster than me. 
So on the long runs, we've decided that when we get to the point where our pace doesn't match up... It's time. To run our own race. 
She has to go. 
Because running my pace (slow) actually hurts her bones. Her hips ache and her tummy cramps. 
Because running her race (fast) actually hurts my bones. My heart panics and pounds too fast and my legs seize up. 
So. On those long runs, we will run our own race. 

But oh the mental anguish over separating.  She feels terrible that's she's leaving me. I feel terrible that I'm holding her back. 

And then finally we get clarity. 

It's good for us to run our race. 
The point is... We get each other to the start. And isn't getting to the start actually when we need each other the most. 

We would never have got to the start on our own.