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Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. 
A looooong day today. And a hard day. And I didn't want to put on my shoes. 
But I gave myself a break. I ran with just music. No watch. No map. No running app telling me my pace every 5 minutes. 
I just ran. Not trying to beat a time or go further. 
I gave myself a break. 
And the run is done. 

I felt so brittle today that I honestly thought I would break. 
I didn't want to run. But Nicky was waiting. And I can't bail on the run. It's not what we do. It's not an option. 
So we ran. 8ks of hills. It was slow. It was tough. And I wanted to cry. Cry like when I was a little girl and could cry as much as I wanted because crying was like breathing. Remember that? When we were kids and we cried heaps. Some times a couple of times a day. But we don't cry any more that we're grown ups. 
And anyway... I couldn't actually breathe on that run so I couldn't actually cry. Even if I wanted too. And I did want too. 
The run is done. The. Run. Is. Done.