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I wanted to live on the hill.  For the view.

But my friend said to me ... "I'd rather be part of the view than just look at the view".

I have never, ever forgotton that.

Cos... same.

I want to be part of the view.  I don't just want to look at it.

Don't just look at the runners.  Be the runner. Simple as that.

Put your shoes on and run.

I like being a loser.

I've never won anything. I've never come first. I've never been the best. Ever. 
But that makes me fight for the win. It makes me work for the success.  I'm always in a state of chasing the goal. 
But. Something remarkable happened on Friday. We won. Our radio show won. We beat the pants off the opposition. Left them in our dust. All that chasing and working and fighting... Actually worked. We got the win. For the first time in my life... I'm at the top. 
But I don't know how to live if I'm not in the fight. It's in the battle that I feel alive. 
So, back in to the battle I go. 
Cos one win is not a win. I need another win to make this count. And then I'll need another one to make that one count. 

Are you worried about what people will think if they see you running? Do you think people will laugh at you? Are you worried that someone you know might see you?
Why? Do you judge people? Do you see people running and think not nice things?  Do you laugh??? Would you? Laugh at your neighbour giving it a go?
Make your world one of support and encouragement and love. Not jealousy and resentment and frustration. 
Put your shoes on. Hold your head high. And run. 
And don't forget to suck your tummy in when you see Bill and Joan from number 8.