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The road will forgive you. 
There is SO much written about how to get back in to running if you've lost your drive for it. Experts offer advice like ... Sleeping in your running gear, or ... Make a new playlist for your iPod. 
But the experts have missed the point.
There is a reason you've turned your back on the road.  Something triggered it. Grief, guilt, failure, shame, anger, resentment. Those things on that list... They're too big. How could we possibly forgive or how could we possibly ask for forgiveness? So we assume the road won't. 
The road will. 
Trust me. I've been there. If you've turned your back on the road... Chances are you've turned your back on you. That's not what God had planned for you. And He hasn't turned his back. 
Get your stinkin shoes on. And run. The road will forgive you.
You've got to pay a price. 
If you want to be lighter and slimmer... The price is discomfort while you adjust to fewer calories and ditching the crap. 
If you want to run stronger and faster ... The price is a few tough runs a week. Sprints, hills, long runs. 
You have to pay a price. You know you're not gonna get any of it for free. 
Work out what you want. Now... Be prepared to pay the price. 
Some things that you want, might come with a hefty fee. Too hefty to pay.
This post is for the woman I met on Saturday night. 
She told me that she USED to run 15k runs most mornings. 
But then she went through some pretty awful stuff. Stuff that would make most people bitter and angry. 
And just hasn't been able to run that distance again. 
And I promised her that I would think of something empowering and inspiring for her. 
But I can't. 
So, I've written this for you...
Why? Why do you have to run 15k? 
I know that's what you USED to do. 
But this is what your life looks like now. 
Lovely, happy 4k runs that keep you slim and strong and beautiful. 
Let that 15k go. 
And hold on tight to your 4ks. 

I've been on the verge of tears all day. I've been dark. Even the boys laughter has been making my head hurt. I have more anger and sadness than I've had for a while. 
And I don't want to run. 
I want to give up. I want to say "no more". I'm done. "No more". 
But bloody Nicky is turning up. So I have to. 
And there she is. Turning up for the run. I fake a smile and lace up my shoes and head out the gate. 
4 steps, 6 steps, 8 steps. And it is all in my dust. I don't even recognise the woman from the afternoon. Who is that woman? Tired. Broken. Dark. 
The run is my drug. It's my happy pill. 
5 Ks done. 
A juicy chat and a good pace and it's done. 
If you're done... Run. 
There's a t-shirt in that.