Sunday, 4 August 2013

Power down.
The lights are off.

That's how I felt when a big as rotweiller came at us the other night on the run.

Terrified and scared is not how I felt. Powerless is how I felt.
And I hated it.

Nicky was great.

"Please come and get your dog. NOW" she demanded.

"NOW" she said again when they just laughed us off with a "he's okay... Just being friendly".

I just ... Lost power. I stood there, head bowed, shoulders hunched... Waiting for Nicky to fix it.

And she did.

When the adrenaline left I was left with anger. Anger that my power and control had been so quickly taken.

So I got my power back. I ran the hill.

I finished the run.

Plugged in.
Power on.
Lights bright.