Tuesday, 16 July 2013

3 Ks to go.

When you've done 18 Ks and there are still 3 Ks to go and then you're done. A half marathon. Done.

Just 3 Ks to go.

And you say to yourself. "You can do that. 3 Ks. Easy. It's only 3 Ks."

The reality is though... They are the most grimmest, the most excruciating, the most soul destroying 3 Ks.

I have 3 shows to go. Not 3 Ks. But 3 shows. The guy I work with on the radio has been away on holiday. So that means I'm doing the show by myself.

This is massive for me. I struggle with worth and value in this business. So I have been ... What's the word... Terrified.

Well... I've done 13 shows. And now I just have 3 to go.

I can do that. Easy.