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3 Ks to go.

When you've done 18 Ks and there are still 3 Ks to go and then you're done. A half marathon. Done.

Just 3 Ks to go.

And you say to yourself. "You can do that. 3 Ks. Easy. It's only 3 Ks."

The reality is though... They are the most grimmest, the most excruciating, the most soul destroying 3 Ks.

I have 3 shows to go. Not 3 Ks. But 3 shows. The guy I work with on the radio has been away on holiday. So that means I'm doing the show by myself.

This is massive for me. I struggle with worth and value in this business. So I have been ... What's the word... Terrified.

Well... I've done 13 shows. And now I just have 3 to go.

I can do that. Easy.


It really doesn't matter does it? How fast you go today.
What matters is that you ran.

Got home from work today. Put on my shoes. And sighed. Cos I know it's going to be a slow run. I'm slow at the moment. I don't know why. I just am. But then I had this glorious thought... Who cares how fast or how slow I go. I'll be bloody chuffed at the end of this run. Chuffed that I actually ran.

So I started slow. Like really slow. As in... It took 14 minutes to run the first two Ks. Didn't care. Felt fit. Felt happy. Felt light.
The last two Ks? Took just over 10 minutes. Did actually care about that.
Cos that is AWESOME.

So yep... I do actually care about the time. I want to be better. I want to go faster. I want to be leaner.

But more than anything... I want to run.

More than anything.

So I ran.