Saturday, 15 June 2013

For the past few weeks I've been a terrible running partner.

Bitching and moaning with thighs thumping along and begging to slow or walk or stop.

And there she is... Nicky... Running next to me. Every run. Saying to me stuff that gives me hope... That makes me think this might be a glitch and I'll come right.

She has had to run my race for weeks now. Slow. Awkward. Lethargic.

Did she leave me for a faster, stronger, fitter model?


And today I ran a good run. Not a great run. But definitely NOT a bad run.

A good 10k run.

It's a gift this thing that we have. To stick by each other. To run the other persons race. To give up faster times. To let go of beating a PB.

We could have all the PBs in the world ... But it wouldn't mean a thing without each other.

A wise runner once said...
"It's about the beer and the chips at the end ... Not the time on the clock."
Nicky Evison.