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My mission. To be grateful for every run.
I might not be able to run tomorrow.
So today I am grateful that can.

So I'm gonna. Run.

No more whining and moaning.

I can run today. That is something to be incredibly thankful for.
I'm still sweating.
I ran the Harbour City 10ks this morning in Wellington.
It's been over two hours since I crossed the finish line.
I've had a shower.
And I'm still sweating.
I ran as fast as I could.
Which isn't that fast. I'm so utterly gutted at how I just can't run fast.
I'm not going to go there today. Tomorrow I'll go there. But not today. Today I'm just relieved it's done. And I'm gonna take that as a win.
Tomorrow I'll go there. I have too. Cos it's turning septic in my mind.

For the past few weeks I've been a terrible running partner.

Bitching and moaning with thighs thumping along and begging to slow or walk or stop.

And there she is... Nicky... Running next to me. Every run. Saying to me stuff that gives me hope... That makes me think this might be a glitch and I'll come right.

She has had to run my race for weeks now. Slow. Awkward. Lethargic.

Did she leave me for a faster, stronger, fitter model?


And today I ran a good run. Not a great run. But definitely NOT a bad run.

A good 10k run.

It's a gift this thing that we have. To stick by each other. To run the other persons race. To give up faster times. To let go of beating a PB.

We could have all the PBs in the world ... But it wouldn't mean a thing without each other.

A wise runner once said...
"It's about the beer and the chips at the end ... Not the time on the clock."
Nicky Evison.

I have a treat for you!

That's what Nicky said when I turned up for a run.

I spied the wine on the bench and immediately thought... She's gonna bail and she's gonna say Pour The Wine!!! I couldn't contain my excitement!!

No. It wasn't wine.

Chocolate?? Chocolate cake???

No. Not chocolate.

What then?? What's my treat?!!

"We're doing Wyndham."

Wyndham is the hill run that we conquered last year. It took us 5 weeks to conquer that run. We haven't run Wyndham in a year.

So my friend Nicky gives me a treat. Not wine. Not chocolate. But a hill run.

Now that's a true friend.

Do it for LOVE

Do it out of love.

Run out of love.  LOVE for yourself.

Don't run because you hate being fat.  Or because you hate feeling lazy.

Run because you love yourself.

Do it out of love.
I felt like a fool today.

Something happened... And I was left standing there... Alone... And feeling like a fool.

And I felt that wave of self pity starting to rise up.

So I ran. A lovely, strong and joyous run.

I'm no fool.

Sure... I've been a bit foolish. But I'm no fool.

"Failure is an event. Not a person."
Zig Ziglar.

We're on a break.

For the first time in AGES I woke up this morning not dreading the run.

And I'm sure it's because we gave ourselves a break. We were supposed to run every day pretty much of last week. But the love had gone. Both Nicky and I had fallen out of love with running.

So we took a break.

We didn't see other people though.

We just took a break.

And it worked.

Cos I'm yearning for the run. Pining for the run. Longing for the run.

Run... I want you back.
Maybe this is your first visit?

And maybe you're thinking you might put your shoes on tomorrow?

Have a read of these posts...

Then get your shoes out ready for the morning. 
Even if you have to sleep in your running gear so that you don't chicken out.
Do what you need to do... Cos tomorrow you're gonna run. 
When the rest don't... Tomorrow you will. 

Lacing up the shoes.
Strapping down the boobs.

Stopwatch on.

Sitting on the edge of the bed.

It is so hard getting out that door. So very hard.


And get it done.

You will never ever regret a run. But man you'll regret not going.

Is That ALL YOU GOT???

The northerly this morning was brutal. Brutal. Honestly, it was like running up against a concrete wall. FOR 8KS.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're trying to run but you're running in one spot? You just can't move?
It was like that.

It took all the grit in our bones to run through that. At one point one of us yelled to the heavens F&$@ YOU THEN! Then at one point we were smiling in madness.

Running truly is the greatest metaphor for life.

What choice did we have? Stop? We simply didn't have a choice. We just had to keep running.

How do I feel now? Beaten up? Bruised?

I did. Feel all those things.

But now I feel alive.

Is that all you got?? Cos I got plenty too.
I'm running through a dip.

I'm in A dip. A rut. A slump.

But I gotta keep running.

This will pass. I know it will. But if I don't run through it, it will pass... But I'll still be here.

So I'm running though the dip.