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The comfort of a hot water bottle.
The softness of a clean pillowcase.
The warmth of my skin after the shower.

All heightened because I ran.

If I hadn't run, I still would have climbed in to bed tonight after my shower and the hot water bottle and clean pillowcase would have been there. I wouldn't have noticed though.

But I ran. Brittle from tiredness and in the biting cold I ran.

So the hot water bottle, clean pillowcase and hot shower became the most delicious reward.

I'll sleep we'll tonight.

I can't write. I don't know why. I feel like I've run out of words.

Also... I feel like a bit of a fraud.

All motivational and stuff.

When really I just want to pour the wine and watch tv.

I'll come right.

This will pass.

It has too.

In the meantime.... I'm gonna pour the wine.

See you soon.
Every run comes to an end.

And the sooner you start, the sooner it's over.

There are a few things that I don't want to do at the moment. Some things I have been avoiding. Putting off. Not wanting to face.

So the sooner I start the sooner it will be be over.
Getting the running pass out.

I've written about this before.

I have got to do everything I can so that I can step out the door on a run night guilt free.

I'm a homemaker. That's my job. I'm a wife and a mother. And like any other job I just can't walk out with it all in a mess and it all undone. If I did ... my running would impact my family and they would resent it. And if they resented me running... Well... It doesn't even bare thinking about.

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I. Go. Hard. Hard out.

I play all the kids favourite games... I do every scrap of washing... I cook their favourite dinners... I wash every dish and wipe the bench so clean you could lick it. I get the bath ready and turn down the beds. I place pjs on pillows and pick the books I'll read when I get back.

Then hubby walks in the door. He smells dinner... He sees it on the table... He senses happy and settled kids ... And all he has to do is sit down and eat.

And all I have to do …
Honestly. I'm shaking my head.

Am I really a runner?

One of those women who just go for a run? All fit and healthy and happy and strong and stuff?

I am. I must be. It's so hard to believe though.

Because I never used to be.

I'm living proof that you can draw a line and never go back and only go forward.

Wake up tomorrow a runner. Draw a line. Put your shoes on and run.


Wake up tomorrow a runner.

I'm beside myself with excitement for you.

It's all just waiting there for you and it's all yours.

Put your shoes on. Tie up your hair. And run.

For more than a year... Tuesday and Thursday nights have been running nights for me Nicky.

But after the half marathon, we agreed to take a week off running.

But not from each other!

So last night I went to Nicky's house. Not for a run... But for food and wine and most importantly for the talk.

I love run nights.

You won't believe me until you try it yourself.


When you're running and you're almost at the end but even the last 2 Ks seems like 10 Ks... Smile.

Smile a big grin. Think of something or someone you love and smile. Picture the cold beer or the long shower after the run and smile.

You'll run better. You'll run faster.

You'll make it to the end.

Apparently I did pack my belief!!

We just ran the Rotorua half and it was awesome. The Ks flew by. 5k. 8k. 13k. 17k.

And then they crawled by.

18k. 19k. 20k. And that looooong k to the finish line.

And it's done.

A friend on Facebook recently said that while having lunch on the water front she watched the mad runners go by. She just couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through that. Why? Why run?

Runners know why.

My feet are aching and my head is pounding and my stomach is screaming for food.

Still... runners know why.

We fly to Rotorua tomorrow for the half.

My bag is packed.

My loyal shoes. My favourite running pants. My trusty hat. They're all in there.

Now I just have to find my belief.