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I hate running at the moment.

My legs are fat and heavy.

And my mind is weak.

But I ran.

And that's the difference between us and them.

We ran.

Rest Day.

And no rest is worth anything ... except the rest that is earned.
I cheated on Nicky. With a treadmill.

It was raining!!!! And I've got new shoes!!!! And I love how new and unstinky and unmanky they are. I wanted to keep them like that for just a bit longer.

So I cheated.
I competed.

The guy next to me had his running pace up to 12. Mine was at 10. So you know what I did? Cranked mine up to 12. Sweat pouring off me. Cheeks bright red. Gulping in air like a fish out of water.

Why didn't I just turn it down?


I just had this fire in my belly to beat him.

Could have been the chilli beans I had the night before.

The kitchen bench.

That's pretty much where I spend my days.

The kitchen bench.

I stand at my kitchen bench pouring glasses of water, signing school forms, chopping carrots and peeling potatoes, doing homework, praising artwork, gluing limbs on action figures, reading the local paper, making smoothies, wiping tears, sticking on plasters, texting friends, serving up dinner, drinking tea, drinking wine.

Today I spent it crying. I wasn't standing at the kitchen bench. The kitchen bench was propping me up.

I'll run tomorrow. And today will be yesterday.

Stinkin Nicky.

We're at the business end of our training.  3 weeks to go till the Rotorua Half.

I'm tired.  And I'm losing the love.  Nicky and I both WILL each other to pike first.  When my phone bleeps with a text from her I hold my breath HOPING that she is texting these words "Sorry Kath. Can't run tonight".  And then I would leap around the kitchen and pour a glass of wine and get in my pjs and watch tv then fall into a deep sleep.

But in what world would that happen? Nicky has never texted those words.  No, Nicky is just letting me know that she's home and can head off early if that suits me.

And so I pull on my stinkin running gear.  Lace up my stinkin shoes.  Tie up my stinkin hair.  Put on my stinkin hat.  Get in my stinkin car and drive to stinkin Nicky's house.  Stinkin Nicky.

And we run.  And within 5 seconds I've found the love.  And we run for 50 minutes.  And we talk all the way.  And we laugh. And the run is done.

And I carefully take off my loya…
We did it. We ran from Silverstream to Petone.

100 minutes.

Then lunch at La Bella. Pizza. Hot chips. Beer. Icecream.

Best Saturday ever. EVER!!!