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I am the queen of endurance. No really. I really am. Ask anyone that has run with me. I keep us nice and slow to begin with. And when we're all feeling good and relaxed and calm I'll shift gears a bit. And then, when we've found a nice strong rhythm I'll shift gears again. For me it's all about holding on to reserves. The result? A run that is actually enjoyable.

See I reckon starting at pace sets you up for a tough run. Your lungs and heart panic and that immediately makes you feel the fear and ultimately feel defeated.

So. I am the queen of endurance. I am however USELESS at the sprint to the end. I'm so intent on holding on to my hard fought reserves that I just have never let go. Which means all the strategic pace setting through the race doesn't chase that clock down at end.

But yesterday, at The Hutt News Fun Run, I could sense the finish line getting closer. And when Nicky picked up for the sprint my whole body panicked. Don't sprint! You'll lose all your reserves!

And that's when the switch went on. The whole point of reserves is for the end!!!!! And there's the end there!!! So let go!!! Use up those reserves. Run. Run as fast as you can. You have the reserves. RUN!!!
And I did. I ran as fast as I could. Arms pumping fast and legs practically leaping. My heart was on the brink of exploding. But the end was just there and I used up every tiny drop of reserves.

I have always, always been afraid of letting go. I've held on so tightly, terrified that I won't make it.

I let go and ran. And took another minute off our fastest 10k.

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I hate my body.

Urgh. I hate my body.  I went to yoga tonight.  Twisting and turning my flabby and floppy and wobbly bits.  I hate my body. 
I love my body.
And just like that... In the middle of camel pose... Everything changed. I love my body. And I'm gonna start treating it with the respect it deserves. 
I love my body. 
For the very first time in my life ... I love my body. I've hated my body for so long now. I've been treating it like it's a useless failure that lets me down and embarrasses me constantly. 
My body ... I'm so sorry. 
Tomorrow I'll stand tall. I'll make no excuses. I'll be grateful. 
I. Love. My. Body. 

Read this if you're about to give up...

If you are struggling to stay on track know this... You are so close. So close to success. So close. You just can't see it. That's why it feels so far away.
If I told you that I could see it and it looks amazing and it was just around that corner you would keep going. You wouldn't stop.

I know you can't see it ... But it's so close. Don't give up now.

It really is just around the corner.

You're missing out.

I poured this Post Run Pinot just before I headed out the door.  So when the run got tough.... And it did... I dreamed of my Post Run Pinot.  Home now... And it's still sitting there... Waiting.  I'll have my shower then wash down a big feed with it.  Some might say... Why not just pour the wine and skip the run bit? To that I would say... You clearly haven't tasted Post Run Pinot.  And ... You are missing out.