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Ate too much last night.

Woke up feeling sad.


And now I feel glad.

Glad that I can turn the tide on meaningless eating. And glad that I have the strength to run when I don't want too.

Got pretty sweaty too.

Peeling off stinkin, soaked from sweat running gear and throwing them in a smelly damp heap on the bathroom floor.



For me... One of the most glamorous parts of my day.

The run is done. I will sleep well tonight.

It's the run that you don't want to run that is the run you're so happy you ran.

I know what it's like to not want to run.  It comes in waves right?

Last week I was L.O.V.I.N.G it.  This week ... I feel like burning my running shoes and screaming "Why do I have to run???? I DON'T WANT TO RUN!!"

I ran today.  And it's true. It's the run that you don't want to run that is the run you're so happy you ran.
At 8am this morning Nicky and I were staring at an 80 minute run ahead of us.

80 minutes.

And we knew the only way to get it done would be to just bloody start. One foot after the other.

And time... Inevitable time... Ticked along and at 9.15am I looked at my watch. We had 5 minutes to go.

There we were ... Staring at 5 minutes. Not 80.

The only way to get it done... Whether its 80 minutes or 20 minutes... Is to just bloody start.

Something great has happened.

The rhythm of training.

There are more run days than rest days and my shoes are wearing thin and my heart is getting stronger and my legs are getting faster and my mind is getting clearer and my hat is getting stinkier and my sleep is getting deeper.

The rhythm of training. Methodically pulling me along and keeping me running and running and running.
I am the queen of endurance. No really. I really am. Ask anyone that has run with me. I keep us nice and slow to begin with. And when we're all feeling good and relaxed and calm I'll shift gears a bit. And then, when we've found a nice strong rhythm I'll shift gears again. For me it's all about holding on to reserves. The result? A run that is actually enjoyable.

See I reckon starting at pace sets you up for a tough run. Your lungs and heart panic and that immediately makes you feel the fear and ultimately feel defeated.

So. I am the queen of endurance. I am however USELESS at the sprint to the end. I'm so intent on holding on to my hard fought reserves that I just have never let go. Which means all the strategic pace setting through the race doesn't chase that clock down at end.

But yesterday, at The Hutt News Fun Run, I could sense the finish line getting closer. And when Nicky picked up for the sprint my whole body panicked. Don't sprint! You'…
Where it all began.
Four years ago.
My very first event.
The Hutt News Fun Run.

It took 39 minutes to run that 5ks.
The next year it took 36 minutes.
The year after that I was saying goodbye to my sister in Scotland.
The following year I ran the 10k. 1 hour 2 minutes.

So. Four years on. And I cant help think how terrifying it is that the time has slipped so quickly and easily through my grasp. As if I had a grasp.

So tomorrow morning I'll put my Hutt News Fun Run racing bib on for the 4th time.

And hopefully, like time itself, I'll run quickly and easily too.

Sometimes it all just works.  Strong legs. Big lungs. Calm heart. Happy mind.

And when it happens, I feel like I can do it all.  Love myself, love my family, be a good friend, make my house a home and achieve great things at work.

It worked last night.  7 wonderful ks with Nicky.  And I feel like I can do it all.
My alarm goes off at 3.50am.

That's mental.



It's awful.

But I remember when my alarm used to go off at 7am.  A respectable time. 
It was still awful.

3.50am.  7am.  It's all the same.  It's tough getting up no matter what time.  It's just the way it is.  It's not any easier for you or for me.  It's just the way it is.  We're all lying there wondering how the hell we're gonna get it all done and longing selfishly for those days when it was all about us.

It's pretty cool to know that we're all in it together.

Run through the tired.  Don't let the tired run through you.