Friday, 8 February 2013

Ran last night with Nicky. We reflected on what we reckon is a very special friendship.

There have been runs where Nicky is skipping along ... Fast. And there I am lugging along and dragging her back. Moaning and puffing and wishing I was dead.

There have been runs where I could go for ever. Run for another hour. And Nicky just wants to stop.

But here's the thing. We wouldn't be out there with the opportunity to moan or go slow or give up if it wasn't for each other.

And we know that. I would have given up ages ago. We lean on each other and pull each other along. So when one of us is down, the other will be right there with them.

I'm not doing the half marathon. Nicky is out on account of her ankle. And it doesn't seem right that I should run it. If we're in this together, we're out of this together.