Thursday, 14 February 2013

Everyone has a something. Something that they're holding on to or hiding. Or something that is causing great sorrow or pain. Everyone does. Mostly we don't know. Mostly the masks go on first thing in the morning and we all blend in and no one would ever know.

But everyone has something.

If you have a something ... And for what ever reason you've chosen to go it alone... You should run. Really. I know it seems ridiculous that going for a run could do any good ... But it does.

Cos it's never just a run. There's choosing a goal or an event, then finding the training schedule, then sorting out your week to fit in the runs. Then there are the showers and the deep sleeps and tight hamstrings and chatter with your mates about your running and choosing new running shoes and washing your running gear. And then there's moaning about shin splints and running in the rain and wearing out your sports bra and finding the perfect running mix.

And then there's the run.

The glorious run.

Run. Your something will still be there. But it won't define you.