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Oh that was an awful run.

Thumping along the streets of Silverstream, gasping for air and
sweating like a truffle pig.

If I didn't have Nicky running next to me I would have dropped to the ground and cried.

But I had Nicky there. So I finished the run. In not a lot of style and finesse. But I finished. It didn't beat me.

We all have it in us to finish. And it's the run that you do when you didn't want to run that makes you strong.

We did run. And we ran strong and fast. Then we had this.

What are the choices?




I have never, ever regretted a run.  Oh but I have regretted not going.

You just have to go.  Put your shoes on and go.  It's hard for all of us.  Talk to any runner at any level and they will say the same.  Imagine that... you have something in common with the likes of Melissa Moon or Nick Willis.  They have the same choice as us every day... and it's not easier for them to make that choice.


I am tired.  Sooooooooo tired.  My eyelids keep closing and are begging to stay closed.

It's run night.  30 minutes in 27 degrees.


I've found it.

The key.

That will unlock your diet prison.

If emotional eating, binging, sabotage and obsessing over food and weightloss feature too much in your life... read this...

I'm writing about my 12 week journey using the Fat Chance work book.  A WORK BOOK!!! Not a weekly meeting, a a shake, or certain food, or starving ... just a work book.  That cost $39.99. 

It is profound.  Read. It.


Nicky and I have always dismissed it... Thinking it was for real runners.

But we're real runners. On account of all the running we do.

So. We are stretching. We did our limber up stretch before our run and our excruciating hamstring and quad stretches after the run.

I actually think it made a difference.

Would you like me to do a post on stretching!?

Or is that just too boring?
Everyone has a something. Something that they're holding on to or hiding. Or something that is causing great sorrow or pain. Everyone does. Mostly we don't know. Mostly the masks go on first thing in the morning and we all blend in and no one would ever know.

But everyone has something.

If you have a something ... And for what ever reason you've chosen to go it alone... You should run. Really. I know it seems ridiculous that going for a run could do any good ... But it does.

Cos it's never just a run. There's choosing a goal or an event, then finding the training schedule, then sorting out your week to fit in the runs. Then there are the showers and the deep sleeps and tight hamstrings and chatter with your mates about your running and choosing new running shoes and washing your running gear. And then there's moaning about shin splints and running in the rain and wearing out your sports bra and finding the perfect running mix.

And then there's the run.

May the 4th be with you.

Haw haw haw.

Seriously though... We will need the force on May the 4th. It's the half marathon that Nicky and I have decided to train for.

Nicky with her broken ankle. Me with my 5am starts. I have no idea how we're gonna do it. But I do know why. And the why is way more powerful than the how.

So what's our Why? Just cos. That's why.
Ran last night with Nicky. We reflected on what we reckon is a very special friendship.

There have been runs where Nicky is skipping along ... Fast. And there I am lugging along and dragging her back. Moaning and puffing and wishing I was dead.

There have been runs where I could go for ever. Run for another hour. And Nicky just wants to stop.

But here's the thing. We wouldn't be out there with the opportunity to moan or go slow or give up if it wasn't for each other.

And we know that. I would have given up ages ago. We lean on each other and pull each other along. So when one of us is down, the other will be right there with them.

I'm not doing the half marathon. Nicky is out on account of her ankle. And it doesn't seem right that I should run it. If we're in this together, we're out of this together.

If the idea of running is daunting and overwhelming and seems impossible for you ... I want you to read this.  The simple truth of this persons journey is amazing. 

"I started January first and have run every day since. These distances are without stopping.
It went something like this…
(I have been driving the course to get a true distance)

Day 1 – 400m and felt like dying
Day 2 – 1 k
Day 3 – 1.5 k’s
Day 11 – 2.5 k’s
Day 17 – 3.2 k’s
Day 20 – 4.2 k’s
Day 23 – 5.2 k’s
Day 27 – 6.5 k’s

I try and push the distance further every day.
Goal is to run 10 k’s and to feel happy again.
Thanks for the inspiration."

UPDATE: They did it.  10ks.  Done. And now running pretty much every day is part of their life.  A vital, wonderful, empowering part of their life.

Read those distances again.  You can do that.  400m.  You can do that.  Start. Run.