Friday, 4 January 2013

The line.

You can find the line in most places. At home it's the line between the bedroom and the hallway. Oh and there's one between the back porch and the deck.

At the Bach where we are now the line is between the ranchslider and the front steps.

It's the line that you have to cross to go for your run.

I didn't want to cross that line today. To everyone else it's just a step over an invisible line. To us runners it is like a concrete wall. Completely impassable.

Not quite completely impassable. Because somehow I crossed the line and ran. And the photo will show you what I rewarded with.

You're not the only one who sometimes sees that line as a concrete wall. And you're forgiven if today you just couldn't step over it. Don't let it beat you though. You are better than that.