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Sometimes when I'm putting my running shoes on... I find myself shaking my head in disbelief. Sometimes the run ahead of me seems just too hard. Too long. Too impossible.

I felt that tonight. So utterly tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. Depleted.

But it's Tuesday. And on cue Nicky turned up. And we ran. And it was awesome. We ran fast and we loved it.

And now I get to take my shoes off cos the run is done.
I read a stat recently. Most runners use visualisation to get to the end of their run.

Visualising the finish line. Your friends and family there... Cheering you on.

I visualise. I visualise the big as bowl of food that I'm going to inhale at the end. And if it's a significant run, like the half marathon... The vision of a cold beer was so clear I could almost taste it.

Visualising really does work. Whether the vision is virtuous or not.

Heading out on a 10 k run with Nicky this morning. Only a cup of tea in my belly. Imagine what I'm visualising!!

A cheeky 5 k.

That's what we just did.

Along the Hutt River and back home through the golf course.

5ks. 30 minutes. Done.

We could have done this...

Gone home. Opened wine. Ate chips.

Not this time. Not this time.
Nicky and I ran an hour in that burning sun today.

Nicky has a pool.

And like teenagers we stripped off and plunged in as soon as we got back to hers.


Drove home wrapped in a towel, feeling happy, grateful and proud.
Training for a half marathon ... 12 weeks of getting out there on every planned "run day" and running... That is an achievement.

I think more so than running the actual event.

Anyone can run, stagger, hobble, walk their way round a half marathon.

But not anyone can complete a gruelling training schedule.

That's the real achievement.

Standing at that start line knowing you've done all you can is a far better feeling than standing there remembering all those times you didn't run.

Keep going. Keep going. Get this done.



Nicky and I bitched and moaned for the first 20 minutes of that run.

But something must have clicked Because the last 20 minutes was awesome. Like we were flying home.

What a great run.
Nicky and I are back running together after nearly 3 weeks away from each other!

We had a LOT to catch up on.

Yesterday's run was over an hour!!! Brilliant. Talked the whole way. Hardly noticed the time. Well, every now and then I would glance at my watch or Nicky would say "how long have we done Kath?". Because let's be honest. Running is hard. But having my mate Nicky there next to me chatting away and listening to my drone ... I love it.

Running is a powerful, effective and instant drug. It will fix you. It will make it all seem achievable. When a run is done its amazing how those big, scary, ugly monsters of problems dissolve. Not always into nothing... But into something manageable at least.

This is your year. Run. Run. Run.

I'm gonna go all American on you.

If you are struggling with getting out there...

Visualise your run as you close your eyes to sleep. Picture yourself getting your gear on and tying up your shoes on the back door step. In your mind, run the run you're doing the next day.

You will run the next day. Bet ya.
When night came last night I lay there sick with worry and guilt and regret.  All the people in my life who I let down constantly.  I have five gorgeous nieces that are without their mum now and I do bugger all for them.  I have a sister struggling away with two little babies and I do bugger all for her.  I have a brother who gets on with things and I never give him the praise he deserves.  I assume he knows.  But how would he know? And I do bugger all for him. My Mum and Dad who sacrificed it all for us ... I do bugger all for them.  My darling friends who still have me as their friend even though I go quiet and lock myself away and do bugger all for them. And Work.  Sheesh.  Talk about a crisis of confidence.  I can't do it.  How am I going to do it? My stomach churned with it all. 

When morning came and my loyal running shoes took me deep into the native bush it had eased.  And when I dived in to the sea at the end of the run in the pouring rain I felt better. Better. Not all …
I nearly didn't run today.

I'm on holiday.
I'm tired.
It's that time of the month.
I'm a bit hungover.
It's too hot to run.

Then I read this...

You can have results, or you can have your excuses. You can't have both.

That was an awful run. My legs felt like concrete. My lungs were burning. My heart was screaming. Like it was my first run.

It's 20 minutes post run now though. And I feel incredible. Relieved that it's done. Proud that it's done.

Ready for a swim and a feed.
I have to run.

Cos look what my mate made me.

The line.

You can find the line in most places. At home it's the line between the bedroom and the hallway. Oh and there's one between the back porch and the deck.

At the Bach where we are now the line is between the ranchslider and the front steps.

It's the line that you have to cross to go for your run.

I didn't want to cross that line today. To everyone else it's just a step over an invisible line. To us runners it is like a concrete wall. Completely impassable.

Not quite completely impassable. Because somehow I crossed the line and ran. And the photo will show you what I rewarded with.

You're not the only one who sometimes sees that line as a concrete wall. And you're forgiven if today you just couldn't step over it. Don't let it beat you though. You are better than that.

So here we are.  In the year 2013.  That year seems made up.  Like from a futuristic novel.  I honestly never thought the year 2013 would ever arrive.

But that's time.  It's inevitable.  So.  No point waiting for something to happen before we start something. 

Might as well make something happen now.  What choice do we have?

Because time will march on regardless of what we do with it.