Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The training schedule says walk today. Walk for 25 minutes.

I remember this from last year when Nicky and I starting training for our first half marathon.

I didn't walk last year. I scoffed at the walk days. If there was a "walk day" I'd treat it as a rest day.

Not this time.

I've learnt a lot about running this past year. Adding walking into the mix gives my legs a rest but keeps them warm and moving. It gives my heart and lungs a rest but it keeps me doing something.

But I feel like a dick. I don't know how to walk fast. Without looking like a dick. Anyway. I did it. I walked for 25 minutes.

You know what else I'm doing this time? Stretching. Yep. Stretching. I gotta get these hamstrings of mine lubed and fluid. Lubed and fluid. My friend Steve will laugh at that.

So day 3 done.

You'll like this...

"No matter how slow you're going... You're still lapping everyone on the couch".