Friday, 7 December 2012

She started it...

Hah! My sister Ruth... You know... The glamorous New Yorker who started this all... Just posted a comment.

"I am the sister...and now the shoe, well I wish running shoe, is on the other foot.

I haven't run in nearly a year. It was my Christmas present to myself last year to go for a run on Christmas day. Then Kath took me for a 5k run a couple of weeks later..and yes... she kicked my butt.

Well I am 4 weeks post c section, with a beautiful, healthy, amazing little girl. But between her and our incredible little 18 month old I am wondering if I will ever be able to run again.

Then I went grocery shopping tonight, by myself. I had the radio on and heard Mumford and the new sixsixety song...I need to run again. I need to have that overwhelming triumphant feeling of getting to the end, letting the music, as Kath says, " Carry me home".

My time will come again soon, and the running shoes will be on both feet! My feet!"

Love you piggy nut.
xx faterine.