Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Got my running pass out tonight. Prepared a mexican fiesta for the lads. See photo for proof!!

You won't believe it. Nicky ran. 25 minutes!!! Nicky BROKE HER ANKLE!!!
But she did the rehab and tonight was the first run on the training schedule for the half in feb.
It said ... "Jog 25 mins". So we did. WE DID!!!

She is one tough mother. She's actually an actual mother... But really... She is tough.

She said that she couldn't believe that it was happening. That she was running. She told me that deep down a terrible fear of never running again had been haunting her.

To not be able to run. Devastating. But she ran. And so did I!!! And we talked. And we talked. And we talked. And talked some more.

Do the half. Go on. Just bloody do it. It's possible. It's yours for the taking. Imagine being able to say... "I've run a half marathon".