Friday, 21 December 2012

Despite it all...

Despite never having run. Despite being overweight.
Despite having no time.
Despite it all ... she ran.

And Despite it all ... so can you.
Read these comments from a woman on the FaceBook page....

First Post:
I started today. Ran for 10 mins and it damn near killed me!

Second Post:
Completed Day 2. Even managed to increase my speed for the last 20 seconds. Doesn't sound like much but it is good for me!

Third Post:
Day 4 complete. Went for a run with my son on his scooter as the husband is going out tonight and I won't be able to go later. Did my 5 minute walk, 10 min run and when walking home I managed to do some more running! On and off for probably an extra 3 minutes... So pleased with myself. My son also said as I was running on the way home. " Mum, if you and I were having a race and I was on my scooter and you managed to beat me I would be proud of you." That's 5 year olds for you. Thank you for giving me the motivation and a programme that works for me.

Fourth Post
I have discovered this training schedule for a half marathon. This marathon is in May - you run through vineyards in Blenheim. It is my intention to do it.

This woman has gone from the hell of the first run ... to training for a half marathon.

Despite it all.