Thursday, 6 December 2012

Babies on Toast

What an egg!!!

(mmmm.  Eggs on toast.)

I wrote an article for Stuff Nation and they published it!! I honestly didn't think they would.  I kinda hoped they would ... because I'm all about sharing the running love.  But I wrote it 10 minutes before I picked the boys up from school - so I didn't go back and proof read it.  I wrote it how I write this blog.  Just keep typing and then hit "Publish".

"The babies and pies and cheese on toast had taken their toll" is what I wrote!!

Babies on toast.

Will I EVER live that down?!?


Welcome to GotFatSoRan if you're viewing this for the first time.  I started this blog over a year ago ... I've pretty much posted every day.  But if it's an extra bit of inspiration you're after ... this is one of my favourite posts.  I didn't write it.  An awesome girl who follows this blog did.

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