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We are in an elite club.

I woke early to run my big run yesterday. In the Able Tasman. 12 ks through heavenly native bush.

You would think, because all it takes is putting on shoes, that everyone would want to run. Especially through the Able Tasman. It is heaven on earth.

I saw three runners.
Three runners.

We are in an elite club of doers.

Happy New Year!!

If you're not in the club... Put your shoes on tomorrow despite the hangover, and run. Join us.

It's official. We are on our summer holiday! Nelson. It is heaven on earth.

Up at 5.30 for a run. Hubby not with us yet so I don't want my running to be a burden on the inlaws. I don't want them to be stuck with the kids while I run. So... 5.30 alarm.

I'm running on holiday. I'm pretty chuffed about that.

I used to think people who chose to run were mad. I used to think why would anyone chose a run over a sleep in???

I get it now. I get it!!!

Good luck

That's what my husband said to me when I told him I was going for a run before getting on the Ferry for our South Island summer holiday.

He forgot. He forgot that I can harness time. And he forgot that I made a decision ages ago to run.

So on Boxing Day my alarm went off at 5am.

And I ran.

No luck needed.
We ran! It's Christmas Day and we busted out a 5 k run. Wellington is having the best weather in decades so I felt like this mornings run was the rarest gift. An impeccable morning.

And guess who was out running with us?
Nick Willis.
As the young people say.

It's Christmas Day. Love, forgiveness, empathy, grace, hope, peace. The reason for the season.


Ah rest day. I heart you.

Tomorrow is a run day.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day.

Guess what?

I'm gonna run on Christmas Day.

It's all yours.

The morning.

When 99.9% of people decided not to run...

You run. And the morning is yours.

My morning was the sea so calm, the wharf reaching out to Wellington city, the clean air. All of it ... Mine.

And there were other woman claiming their morning too. And we all grinned huge grins at each other, knowing that we all felt the same glorious feeling.

Please run. If you've been reading this blog and you've nearly run, or you've stopped running... Run today.

Be that woman.

Despite it all...

Despite never having run. Despite being overweight.
Despite having no time.
Despite it all ... she ran.

And Despite it all ... so can you.
Read these comments from a woman on the FaceBook page....

First Post:
I started today. Ran for 10 mins and it damn near killed me!

Second Post:
Completed Day 2. Even managed to increase my speed for the last 20 seconds. Doesn't sound like much but it is good for me!

Third Post:
Day 4 complete. Went for a run with my son on his scooter as the husband is going out tonight and I won't be able to go later. Did my 5 minute walk, 10 min run and when walking home I managed to do some more running! On and off for probably an extra 3 minutes... So pleased with myself. My son also said as I was running on the way home. " Mum, if you and I were having a race and I was on my scooter and you managed to beat me I would be proud of you." That's 5 year olds for you. Thank you for giving me the motivation and a programme that works for me.


Sweaty. Betty.

It is really really hot.

Day 4 week 3.

So I ran.

But it's really really hot.

Can't wait to run.

It's perfect running weather. Calm. A light drizzle.

Taco Tuesday is all ready to be dished up as soon as hubby walks through the door. Boys and me have had a great afternoon and they're happy and content.

Nicky will be here in 40 minutes. I've already laced up my running shoes. And now I'll wait eagerly for the squeak of the front gate.

"Nicky's here!" The kids will shout.

"See Ya!" I will shout.

I can't wait to run.


Proof that if your mind is made up... Then your mind is made up.

We decided to spend the entire day away from home. From 9am we were out of there. We spent the whole day at Scorching Bay.

Today was run day. And it's the long run on a Sunday.

How could I right? We had planned to be out the whole day.

BUT... My mind was made up. I don't remember doing this... But I had packed my running gear in the boot next to the chilly bin. I packed my running gear. My mind was made up and it knew... Sunday is long run day.

So. I ran. From Scorching Bay to Kilbirnie Park.

Extraordinary what can happen when your mind is made up.
Lying here in bed. Kids cuddled in next to me. I tricked Gus into tickling my back by getting him to draw pictures. Can't believe I'm admitting that.

So why on earth would I want to leave this and put my stinkin running shoes on?

While I'm trying to find the answer to that, I might as well snuggle back down.

I love being told what to do...

We ran for 30 minutes last night.

And we talked the WHOLE way.

It's SO much easier with someone else right?

Oh I love being back running.

I love being back in a routine.  No decisions to make.  None of this 'Should I run?".  The decision was made ages ago.  We decided to train for the half marathon.  No more decisions to make.  Just run when the plan says run.

I actually love being told what to do.
It's run day today!  Nicky will turn up ... as she always does.  We'll probably roll our eyes and moan that we can't be bothered. 
Secretly we'll be hoping the other suggests wine and cake instead of the run ... but secretly we'll be hoping they don't.
Because we need each other to keep us running.
To get us out the gate.
Because we know that as soon as that first torturous toxic ten minutes is up ... we'll be flying along, puffing, laughing, talking ... running.
And we know that when the run is done ... well ... it's a hard feeling to beat.

Have you found your Nicky yet??

Have a read of this post...


And find your Nicky.

Best "You Can Do It Keep Going" running song?
All On Our Own - Midnight Youth

Best "I Love My Life I'm So Happy" running song?
Shining Light - Annie Lenox

Best "I'm So Happy I Went Running" running song?
Firecracker - Ryan Adams

Best "I'm So Overwhelmed Will I Ever Get Through This" running song?
Hopeless Wanderer -  Mumford and Sons

Best "Almost Home" running song?
Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Best "Let's Have A Glass Of Wine And Run Tomorrow" running song?
One Love - Bob Marley

My mum has had more than her share of heartbreak.  The unthinkable heartbreak.  The impossible heartbreak.

It seems impossible that she has been able to keep going. 

But Mum counts her blessings.

Every day she counts her blessings and everyday she is truly grateful for what she has.

I'm going to count my blessings today.

Starting with you mum.  I am blessed.

It's rest today.  That's another blessing!

It is such a fine line.

Out running this morning and I realised that at any one time I am sooooo close to stopping. So close. It is such a fine line between running and stopping.

What is it that tells my legs to keep running so that I don't cross that fine line.

I don't know. But I have enough of it to keep going.

The half marathon training schedule said... Run 25 minutes. Walk 20 minutes. Run 15 minutes. So I did. I wanted to stop. But I didn't.

It's a fine line. Be on the right side of it.

She started it...

Hah! My sister Ruth... You know... The glamorous New Yorker who started this all... Just posted a comment.

"I am the sister...and now the shoe, well I wish running shoe, is on the other foot.

I haven't run in nearly a year. It was my Christmas present to myself last year to go for a run on Christmas day. Then Kath took me for a 5k run a couple of weeks later..and yes... she kicked my butt.

Well I am 4 weeks post c section, with a beautiful, healthy, amazing little girl. But between her and our incredible little 18 month old I am wondering if I will ever be able to run again.

Then I went grocery shopping tonight, by myself. I had the radio on and heard Mumford and the new sixsixety song...I need to run again. I need to have that overwhelming triumphant feeling of getting to the end, letting the music, as Kath says, " Carry me home".

My time will come again soon, and the running shoes will be on both feet! My feet!"

Love you piggy nut.
xx faterine.
There must have been a power surge in Petone last night at around 6.30.  Cos all us mums were getting ready for the annual "We made it through another year" get together at a pub in Petone.  Hair was straightened.  Hair was curled.  Lipgloss applied.  Fancy pants tops and dresses and heels were chucked on.  Because when do we get the chance to do that? Hardly ever right?

There were maybe 30 of us Petone mums there last night.  Beautiful, beautiful women.  With one thing in common.  The ability to laugh at ourselves.

It was run day yesterday.  I loved it.  A zip down the esplanade and back with Mumford's Below My Feet carrying me home.

Babies on Toast

What an egg!!!

(mmmm.  Eggs on toast.)

I wrote an article for Stuff Nation and they published it!! I honestly didn't think they would.  I kinda hoped they would ... because I'm all about sharing the running love.  But I wrote it 10 minutes before I picked the boys up from school - so I didn't go back and proof read it.  I wrote it how I write this blog.  Just keep typing and then hit "Publish".

"The babies and pies and cheese on toast had taken their toll" is what I wrote!!

Babies on toast.

Will I EVER live that down?!?


Welcome to GotFatSoRan if you're viewing this for the first time.  I started this blog over a year ago ... I've pretty much posted every day.  But if it's an extra bit of inspiration you're after ... this is one of my favourite posts.  I didn't write it.  An awesome girl who follows this blog did.

Have a read....

For You

The training schedule says walk today. Walk for 25 minutes.

I remember this from last year when Nicky and I starting training for our first half marathon.

I didn't walk last year. I scoffed at the walk days. If there was a "walk day" I'd treat it as a rest day.

Not this time.

I've learnt a lot about running this past year. Adding walking into the mix gives my legs a rest but keeps them warm and moving. It gives my heart and lungs a rest but it keeps me doing something.

But I feel like a dick. I don't know how to walk fast. Without looking like a dick. Anyway. I did it. I walked for 25 minutes.

You know what else I'm doing this time? Stretching. Yep. Stretching. I gotta get these hamstrings of mine lubed and fluid. Lubed and fluid. My friend Steve will laugh at that.

So day 3 done.

You'll like this...

"No matter how slow you're going... You're still lapping everyone on the couch".

Got my running pass out tonight. Prepared a mexican fiesta for the lads. See photo for proof!!

You won't believe it. Nicky ran. 25 minutes!!! Nicky BROKE HER ANKLE!!!
But she did the rehab and tonight was the first run on the training schedule for the half in feb.
It said ... "Jog 25 mins". So we did. WE DID!!!

She is one tough mother. She's actually an actual mother... But really... She is tough.

She said that she couldn't believe that it was happening. That she was running. She told me that deep down a terrible fear of never running again had been haunting her.

To not be able to run. Devastating. But she ran. And so did I!!! And we talked. And we talked. And we talked. And talked some more.

Do the half. Go on. Just bloody do it. It's possible. It's yours for the taking. Imagine being able to say... "I've run a half marathon".

Aaaaaaannnnnnd away we go!

Today is the first day of our training for the Half Marathon in Feb - Wellington Round The Bays.

And guess what.

It's REST DAY!!!

It feels so good to have a goal in our sights again.  So good.

Printing out a training schedule is incredible powerful.  It tells you what to do.  So all you need to do is do it.  And because a training schedule is a gradual build it is always achievable.

If you've been thinking about training for something ... why not the half marathon?  No really.  Why not?  The most Nicky and I had run this time last year was 10ks.  And we did it - we did that half marathon.  And my life changed.

Change your life.  Run.