Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Two games I excel in.

This is where I roll from one side of the tramp to the other and the kids have to jump over me without tripping up on me.
I am extraordinary at this game.  No kid has ever been able to get past 14 jumps.

Shark at the Park.
This is where I chase the kids around the park and I'm allowed to eat them with my shark teeth if I catch them before they jump on the swings or slide or monkey bars.
Again ... I am extraordinary at this game too. 

We played Shark at the Park yesterday - because I couldn't feel any pain in my shin - assuming it was all healed.

After just a few minutes of madly chasing kids with gnashing teeth the pain was back.  THE PAIN WAS BACK!!!! I actually thought I'd be running today.

I won't be running today.  I miss running so much. 

Keep running because you can.