Monday, 12 November 2012

Feeling pretty stink about something.

I said to my friend ... "You should come running!". Because she told me that she's been told by her dr that she has to lose weight.

"Me? Run? No way."
She said.

"Wait!!! Have you read my blog?!?!" I scream with enthusiasm. "That's what I thought about me! I had never run and now I'm a runner!"

"Yeah". She said.
"I read your blog. I stopped after I read that your sister said walking is for fatties. I thought f&$# you."



My sister said that at the time to kick me from there (lazy, unmotivated, stuck) to here (fit, well, strong, motivated).

I'm so sorry if I have offended you. I just read it again and I can see why that would make some say "F#%& YOU".

Walking isn't for fatties. She just knew I would stay fat if I didn't pick up my feet and run. Because it's not just about the energy output of running compared to walking... It's all the other stuff. All the other stuff that fills up this blog most days.

I'm a walker at the moment. On account of a stupid injury from a bush walk. But walking is teaching me stuff too. Patience. Practice.

Oh but man I WANT to run.

This blog isn't called got fat so walked for a reason.