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"Too many times people give up too soon.  They don't hang in there long enough to realise that they can do it.  That the goal is theirs.  They just don't hang in there long enough."

I met Melissa Moon last night. Melissa is a long distance runner. She has been the World Mountain Running champion twice, and has won many stair climbing races including the Empire State Building.

And she grieves that so many woman give up when what they want is JUST around the corner.

If what you want is weight loss or achieving a certain distance in a certain time... Hang in there. Don't give up this time.  Don't give up this time.

I want to run for the rest of my life.
I want to be buried in my running shoes.
So I see this little rehab time as a teeny tiny dot on my life timeline.
Only 2 weeks to go of walking.
Building a strong foundation means that when the day finally arrives where I pick up my feet and gasp air into my burning lungs... I won't look back.

If you have or if you get an injury.... Listen to what they say. Rest. Rehab. Rebuild.

I don't want to be buried in my sports bra though. Sheesh it's manky.
Feeling pretty stink about something.

I said to my friend ... "You should come running!". Because she told me that she's been told by her dr that she has to lose weight.

"Me? Run? No way."
She said.

"Wait!!! Have you read my blog?!?!" I scream with enthusiasm. "That's what I thought about me! I had never run and now I'm a runner!"

"Yeah". She said.
"I read your blog. I stopped after I read that your sister said walking is for fatties. I thought f&$# you."



My sister said that at the time to kick me from there (lazy, unmotivated, stuck) to here (fit, well, strong, motivated).

I'm so sorry if I have offended you. I just read it again and I can see why that would make some say "F#%& YOU".

Walking isn't for fatties. She just knew I would stay fat if I didn't pick up my feet and run. Because it's not just about the energy output of running compared to walking... It&…
I know  ... pathetic ... but I learnt a lot from Downton Abby last night.

When Mrs Hughes said of Ethel's chosen path "There's no coming back for that girl" my heart broke.

I honestly believe that there is a way back for everybody.  There HAS to be.  There simply has to be.  It's the very essence of humanity.  Grace and forgiveness.  I will always let those in my life know that no matter what .. they can always turn back around and come home and start again.


When Violet said to Edith "You have a brain and you are a woman of moderate ability, stop your whining and find something to do" I thought Okay.  Okay I will.

You are better than you think you are. You can do more than you think you can.

I know this is true because I see evidence of it all the time.  In my friends and in myself.

You'll know this too ... when you think you're at your limit ... and then something else hits, like you get sick, or the kids get sick, or work asks you to do more, or a friend needs you or fudge need to be made for the school gala.  And. You. Just. Keep. Going.

Don't you think running teaches us this too?  You can always get to the next corner or the next lamppost. You. Can.  Just.  Keep.  Going.

It's Thursday so it's Run Day! Well ... walk day.  Still in rehab.  3 weeks and 6 days and we'll be running again.


Nicky broke her ankle on a tramp - and I have a dodgy tibia.

So ... we are in Rehab.

But we have reinstated our Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We have to walk.  But who cares.  We do actually.  Watching all the runners hoon past all puffed and sweaty and achieving.

We feel like shouting ... "We're runners too!!! Just in rehab!!!"

Oh but it's good to be back with Nicky.  Bang on 5.30  ... there she was. 

The kids came with us ... and when we got home we devoured Taco Tuesday  ... all wind blown and rosy cheeked.

My shoulders, arms and back ache.
I took Jesse my 7 year old to see our favourite band Mumford and Sons. He was in my arms or on my back or on my shoulders for the entire concert.

So it's all aching. So is my heart. Still bursting from the memory of his nose squished up against mine as he whispered "I love you mum thank you so much".

I'm a strong mum. My boy is nearly my height. And I carried him at the concert and I carried him from the car to his top bunk.

I'm strong because I run. I'm gonna be strong all his life. So that I can carry him always.

Two games I excel in.

This is where I roll from one side of the tramp to the other and the kids have to jump over me without tripping up on me.
I am extraordinary at this game.  No kid has ever been able to get past 14 jumps.

Shark at the Park.
This is where I chase the kids around the park and I'm allowed to eat them with my shark teeth if I catch them before they jump on the swings or slide or monkey bars.
Again ... I am extraordinary at this game too. 

We played Shark at the Park yesterday - because I couldn't feel any pain in my shin - assuming it was all healed.

After just a few minutes of madly chasing kids with gnashing teeth the pain was back.  THE PAIN WAS BACK!!!! I actually thought I'd be running today.

I won't be running today.  I miss running so much. 

Keep running because you can.


So I haven't been running for two long weeks.

I walked the bloody Belmont track with the kids two weeks ago and did something dodgy to my tibia. What!???? I don't even know what a tibia is and I did it walking???
I've been running for 5 years and haven't had a single injury. I walk down some steps and boom.

But ya'll are!!! I LOVE reading twitter and facebook updates of your mighty runs.

Janelle my friend wrote on FB today there is a running revolution happening.

There is. There really is.

Cos it feels incredible. To run. To claim your space. To be that woman.