Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My legs are tight as man.
I went to hot yoga tonight... And it is so pitiful how far I can stretch down and out.
My hamstrings feel like they're gonna ping.
And I know... Gulp... That it's the running. Well... Running and not stretching.
One of the girls at yoga told me that as soon as she stopped running ... Her yoga practise improved considerably. She can touch her forehead to the floor even.
We chatted about how hard running is and how tough it is etc etc and she loves not running now.

This really challenged me.

Why on earth do I run?

Cos it is really, really hard.

But it always comes down to this...

I run because I want to.

I want that feeling of tired bones... Not just a tired mind.
I want the feeling of that last km... Running my guts out to a smokin song.
I want that feeling of everything going quiet except my true voice that I only hear when I run.
I want the feeling of strength and the feeling of being resilient.

I run cos I'm greedy. I want all that. And a bag of chips.