Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How to start again...

Has it been a while? Maybe you started out with a hiss and a roar? Did you blitz three good runs in a row ... but then got busy or got tired .... and that was that?

Does it feel like you're not a runner any more?  Does it feel like you don't deserve the road? 

That's simply not true.  You just have to do a couple of things to get back out there again.

Firstly, give yourself a break ... forgive yourself.  And secondly, just put your running gear on.  You don't even need to go for a run.  Just put your gear on.  No expectations.  No hype. 

See what happens.

Let me know.

It's like pretty much everything in life. The bridges you think you burnt can always be rebuilt. Grace and forgiveness are good tools for a rebuild.