Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Well that worked!

Looking forward to the run.

Needed to get my head in the right space.

Nicky and I have really enjoyed the break from a training schedule but we have started to feel like we're losing out fitness. So it's time to step up.

Nicky is SO good at the details and the plan. And I'm SO good at making sure we stick to it. We're SO good for each other.

So we have our plan.

Tuesday: 7ks at least.

Thursday: 8ks with hills.

Saturday: parkrun. Start slow but mix it up with sprints. Goal - 5 ks in 25 minutes.

Sunday: 10 k gentle run with LOTs of talking.

So we ran 7 ks tonight. And it was awesome.

If you are beginning your running journey you must know this... I started running after NEVER running. I. Had. Never. Run. Never. Ever. And now look at that training plan. You can do this. You can actually do this. Do it.