Saturday, 4 August 2012

We had another first time EVER runner turn up at our running group this morning.

It's so hard aye. That first run. Honestly. Your body goes into complete shock. We had only been jogging for 33 seconds and she was sweating and hot and her legs were killing her.

"This is why people give up." I told her. "This is why people stop after a few seconds and never run again."

Because it hurts. It really is bloody awful those first few runs

She told me that she WOULD'VE stopped if I wasn't there.

33 seconds of running and we're stuffed and we wanna give up.

She knows though... That weight ain't going anywhere unless she runs it off. And we all have to have our first run.

The difference between us and them though is we will go for our second run. And third. And fourth. Until we're bolting across the finish line of our first 5k.

That's the difference between us and them.

We went for our second run.