Friday, 3 August 2012

If your weight is a daily battle for you, then you might find this helpful.

I read something so interesting the other day and it really made sense and made something click into place.

So... in a nutshell...

Every time we do or don't eat the donut, or do or don't go for a run ... it has a significant impact ... instantly.  You might not see it on the scales the next day ... but when you did or didn't eat the donut, or did or didn't go for the run, you started a reaction within your incredible machine that is your body.  And the effect of that "did or didn't" will show.  Maybe not the next day ... but certainly in a few days. 

So if you've been eating really well and running but the scales ain't budging ... they will.

Or if you've stuffed your face with ginger kisses and didn't go for that run... you might be able to still fit your jeans today ... but probably not next week.

It made sense to me.  And it has helped immensely with those constant "should or shouldn't" and "do or don't" battles that I face every single day.

I'll take anything that helps.