Monday, 13 August 2012

I just ate 5 stalks of silver-beet from Dad's garden.   I'd give it a 12 out of 10.  That's what Dad does.  When he wants to convey just how very proud of us he is ... he gives us a mark out of 10.  He's a teacher.  It's awesome when Dad dishes out a 12 out of 10.  That means we're off the scale.

He also says things like ... "I'm happy for you ... but I'm in no way surprised" when we give him news of our achievements.  Like when I ran the half marathon and I told him my time ... "You could have run that faster I reckon".

To have someone who honestly thinks you could achieve the world and more.  It's a marvelous, marvelous thing.

Who are you that someone for?  Be that someone.  And watch.  Watch as your belief in them propels them to what they are capable of.  It is a marvelous, marvelous thing.