Friday, 24 August 2012

"Can you take my kids to the disco cos I wanna go for a run."


I'm wracked with guilt.

Thursday is run day with Nicky. But the school disco was on and I had to work last night and hubby was working late. Surely I should have ditched the run, taken the kids to the disco and then gone to work with plenty of time before the event started.
But no.
I dumped the kids with Sheryl next door so that she could take them to the disco. I then drove like a madwoman to Nicky's house. Ran a glorious run full of chatter and laughter and cold night air. Showered and changed at Nicky's in 14 minutes then drove possessed-like to the event where I was 7 minutes late.

From the outside it must seem insane that I put myself under so much pressure just for a run.

But it's never just a run. A run fills me up and makes me strong and the very fact that I can commit to something makes me feel like I can actually do anything.

Even offset the guilt that wracks me everyday.