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I still can't believe how easy it is and quickly you can talk yourself out of a run.

In half a second we can justify why we deserve to stay home and not run.

But if extra weight is why you are running then you need to remember this. YOU ate too much. YOU got fat. Tough aye.
So if you want it gone... YOU have to run. YOU. YOU have to eat less. YOU have to run. It's all you. It's why you're here in the first place.

But remember this too... It won't take long. In the big scheme of things it's like a blink.

So... Run. And keep running until you're slim and strong.

Then keep running to stay slim and strong.

The morning after the night before...

What an awesome run last night.

8ks. Well 8.2ks actually.

Lots of hills. Lots of cold air.

Nicky and I still marvel at the fact that somehow we get off the couch after a long day... And run.

I have never regretted a run.

And yesterday it was Gus' first school visit.

My whole chest was aching with love and pride and sadness and worry and hope.

Gus starts school. What about that.
The sky's have cleared. Dinner is ready. House is calm. Kids are happy from an afternoon of Lego and bouncing me on the tramp. I just had some good news.

And it's run day!

Can not wait.
Just ran 5ks with Jesse my boy riding his bike next to me. Nicky... He talks more than us!!! He talked the entire way. He told me every little detail of his life at the moment. What makes him happy. Sad. Angry. Scared. Nervous. Yes my legs felt like wood and clumpy stumps and I didn't want to run... But that time with Jesse? Precious. So precious.

Got kids? Got no time? Take them with you.

"Can you take my kids to the disco cos I wanna go for a run."


I'm wracked with guilt.

Thursday is run day with Nicky. But the school disco was on and I had to work last night and hubby was working late. Surely I should have ditched the run, taken the kids to the disco and then gone to work with plenty of time before the event started.
But no.
I dumped the kids with Sheryl next door so that she could take them to the disco. I then drove like a madwoman to Nicky's house. Ran a glorious run full of chatter and laughter and cold night air. Showered and changed at Nicky's in 14 minutes then drove possessed-like to the event where I was 7 minutes late.

From the outside it must seem insane that I put myself under so much pressure just for a run.

But it's never just a run. A run fills me up and makes me strong and the very fact that I can commit to something makes me feel like I can actually do anything.

Even offset the guilt that wracks me everyday.

When you don't want to run... Do this...

Map out a tiny little run. Like 3 ks. Put your shoes on and tie up your hair.

And run.

That's all. Yes it's only 3ks. But it's not the length or speed of the run that sees you living the life you should... It's the fact that you run when you didn't want to.
All clean and shiny after the shower.  Nicky and I went for a run, did some hot yoga and now I'm in my PJs.

It is the most simplest of pleasures.  To know that your bones and muscles and skin and heart and lungs deserve this pleasure.

If you are thinking about running ... Please do.  Please run.  If only to just know this simple pleasure.

Clean skin.  Tired body.  PJs.

There's something so satisfying about cleaning my running shoes.

Got home from the Park Run today ... and my shoes were soaked with mud.  Inside and out.

The simple act of scrubbing them clean in the laundry sink was just so satisfying.

Those shoes are so precious to me.  They're my running shoes.  The ritual of putting them on before a run always gets my head in the run.  I could be wanting to back away from running all together, but then I put my shoes on ... tie up the laces ... and in that time ... I'm in love with running again.

So giving them a good clean and getting them ready for the next run feels like I'm saying thank you.

two words...

Bikram Yoga.

As if I could just write two words!

Seriously though ... Bikram Yoga is the most glorious gift you can give your running bones.

I've been running for five years ... and I've probably stretched 3 times over those years.

Bad aye.

I went to my first Bikram Yoga class last week.  I've been five times since.  My limbs are actually sighing with relief.

The results are instant.  Inside and out.  I've lost weight... as in my jeans are LOOSE! And I'm running faster and stronger.

So ... two words ... okay ... four words...

Bikram Yoga.  Do It.

Click here for the link to Bikram Yoga in the Hutt
My friend Steve just said... Should I go to the gym?


Because you won't regret going to the gym. But you will regret not going.

Running is not for wimps.

I just got back from my Tuesday night 7k run with Nicky.  And I just said to my husband ... running is hard.  It's so hard.

It gets results.  It feels INCREDIBLE afterwards.  Oh but it is hard.

It's not like when you're on a bike... where you can stop peddling and just have a breather.  It's constant.  Constant feet pounding, heart pumping, lungs bursting.

So why do I do it? Because running is not for wimps.

I love that I am strong enough to run.  Strong enough to say no to the temptation of lying on the couch.

And because I'm strong enough to run ... everything else seems easy.  Like an unbearable critique at work.  Man ... I have run a half marathon ... that's constant RUNNING for 2 hours and 14 minutes ... I can sit through 20 minutes of a critique.  I can get through a root canal, a bust up with a friend, no sleep with sick kids, 5am starts ... I can get through it all.

Cos running is not for wimps.

I just ate 5 stalks of silver-beet from Dad's garden.   I'd give it a 12 out of 10.  That's what Dad does.  When he wants to convey just how very proud of us he is ... he gives us a mark out of 10.  He's a teacher.  It's awesome when Dad dishes out a 12 out of 10.  That means we're off the scale.

He also says things like ... "I'm happy for you ... but I'm in no way surprised" when we give him news of our achievements.  Like when I ran the half marathon and I told him my time ... "You could have run that faster I reckon".

To have someone who honestly thinks you could achieve the world and more.  It's a marvelous, marvelous thing.

Who are you that someone for?  Be that someone.  And watch.  Watch as your belief in them propels them to what they are capable of.  It is a marvelous, marvelous thing.

Ok. So last week... Karen our new girl was broken by 33 seconds of running.

But... She did what I said. She went out 3 times.
Run 2 minutes. Walk 1 minute. 5 times. That's it. 3 times this last week. That's all. That's ONLY 30 minutes of actual running over the week.

With that tiny little bit of running... Guess what happened? Well, this morning she ran 6 minutes solid. 6 minutes. From being broken at 33 seconds to running 6 minutes. In ONE week. One week. Imagine what is possible in 6 weeks.

I don't have to imagine. I got fat. So I ran. And in 6 weeks I ran my first 5 ks ... 10 kilos lighter.

mmmm pie...

Nicky made Apple Pie.

Without a doubt... the best. ever. in. the. world. apple. pie. ever. ever. ever.

We ran 8ks of hills in the rain.

So we had our pie ... and we ate it too.


And we're running in it!!!

And we're running the hills.

Run today. Make it happen. Sort the kids out. Put your shoes on and steal 20 minutes for you. That's all. Run!
Oh my heart ached for Nick Willis this morning.  A life of nothing but running.  Running towards that medal.  But it wasn't his day.  He didn't get the medal.

The emotional pain he must have felt at the end of that race must have been unbearable.  Unbearable. 

We know though, that he is in conversation with God and we know that he'll find true comfort there as he always has.

And we know that not only does he have the gift of extraordinary fast legs, but the gift of focus, strength and determination.  So we know he will run tomorrow and the next day and run faster and faster and faster and we know he'll get that medal. 

The least we can do is give something a go, stick to it and see it through to the end. 


Well that worked!

Looking forward to the run.

Needed to get my head in the right space.

Nicky and I have really enjoyed the break from a training schedule but we have started to feel like we're losing out fitness. So it's time to step up.

Nicky is SO good at the details and the plan. And I'm SO good at making sure we stick to it. We're SO good for each other.

So we have our plan.

Tuesday: 7ks at least.

Thursday: 8ks with hills.

Saturday: parkrun. Start slow but mix it up with sprints. Goal - 5 ks in 25 minutes.

Sunday: 10 k gentle run with LOTs of talking.

So we ran 7 ks tonight. And it was awesome.

If you are beginning your running journey you must know this... I started running after NEVER running. I. Had. Never. Run. Never. Ever. And now look at that training plan. You can do this. You can actually do this. Do it.

i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run
i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the run i'm looking forward to the runi'm looking forward to the runi'm looking forward to the run....

I saw a woman running today. Gliding along the waterfront and turning off on to the walkway that takes you to the sailing club at the end of the esplanade.

Wow. Wish I could do that.

Wait!!! I can. And I do.

I still surprise myself. After five years of running ... I'm still surprised and so very, very grateful that I am a woman who runs.

This is a photo of Keryn, Nicky and me finishing the parkrun on Saturday. Check out the smiles.

We're women who run and we love it.

We had another first time EVER runner turn up at our running group this morning.

It's so hard aye. That first run. Honestly. Your body goes into complete shock. We had only been jogging for 33 seconds and she was sweating and hot and her legs were killing her.

"This is why people give up." I told her. "This is why people stop after a few seconds and never run again."

Because it hurts. It really is bloody awful those first few runs

She told me that she WOULD'VE stopped if I wasn't there.

33 seconds of running and we're stuffed and we wanna give up.

She knows though... That weight ain't going anywhere unless she runs it off. And we all have to have our first run.

The difference between us and them though is we will go for our second run. And third. And fourth. Until we're bolting across the finish line of our first 5k.

That's the difference between us and them.

We went for our second run.
If your weight is a daily battle for you, then you might find this helpful.

I read something so interesting the other day and it really made sense and made something click into place.

So... in a nutshell...

Every time we do or don't eat the donut, or do or don't go for a run ... it has a significant impact ... instantly.  You might not see it on the scales the next day ... but when you did or didn't eat the donut, or did or didn't go for the run, you started a reaction within your incredible machine that is your body.  And the effect of that "did or didn't" will show.  Maybe not the next day ... but certainly in a few days. 

So if you've been eating really well and running but the scales ain't budging ... they will.

Or if you've stuffed your face with ginger kisses and didn't go for that run... you might be able to still fit your jeans today ... but probably not next week.

It made sense to me.  And it has helped immensely with those const…
Ever go quiet?

I just realised that I've gone quiet.

Which is a big deal for me. I never go quiet.

I've always got something to say. But over this last week I've gone quiet. And I'm still quiet.

And I'm actually really enjoying it. Life feels very calm and I'm truly living from one moment to the next. I'm not making an effort with or for anyone. Pretty selfish.

But I think it's good for me.

So enjoy the quiet.

Because it won't last long!