Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thank you so much to ClaraBelle who posted a comment on this blog a few days ago.

She talked about looking forward to a run, rather than dreading it, or seeing it as a chore ... like we do with cleaning the bathroom or doing your gst return!

We've heard it all before right?  "Choose your attitude" or "Thoughts Become Things" etc etc

I think we've been so bombarded with those "Think big to create health and wealth" ideals that we've become immune to them.  Disinterested.  Leave that to the happy, clappy over the top, want it all Americans.

We don't want it all.  We just want a good run.  So try it.  Say to yourself ... "I'm looking forward to my run today".  Then say it again.  Then again a few more times.  I'm going to do it.  "I'm really looking forward to my run today".

What have we got to lose?  The feeling of "can't be arsed so might bail on myself"? Yep.  Let's lose that.